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National adoption program

  • The Process: The initial process through which prospective adoptive parents are taken involves an orientation, screening, preparation, legal finalization and after care process. This process can average between four and six months.
  • Adoption Cost: There is an administrative cost associated with adoption screening and this is charged in accordance with Regulation 107 of the Children's Act, 38 0f 2005. An income based sliding scale can be applied to reduce professional adoption fees, or to render services without any costs. The organisation receives limited subsidy from the Provincial Department of Social Development for adoption services in the Tshwane region and also for adoption services in the Western Cape.
  • Types of Adoption: We facilitate both related and unrelated adoptions:

    • Related adoptions are those where the parties have an existing relationship, for example step-parent adoptions, family adoptions and adoptions from a foster care placement.
    • Unrelated adoptions are those where the parties are not known to each other (classical adoption)

We have adopted criteria to determine prospective adoptive parents and do rely on, amongst other things, the following considerations:

  • It is important that prospective adoptive parents are healthy and have a normal life expectancy. Medical tests may be required.
  • Age may be a factor
  • If applicants are married, the relationship should be stable
  • Single applicants must demonstrate that they have a good support system
  • Applicants must have a clear criminal record

Abba has a very unique and specialized adoption screening and preparation program that is based on many years of practical experience. We emphasize the importance of equipping adoptive parents to be able to deal with the unique challenges that they might face during the life span of their adopted child.

We take a holistic approach and include spiritual, psychological, societal and emotion aspects within adoptions.